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Pearl Remodeling Talks Granny Flats with the L.A. Times
As home prices skyrocket and the demand for housing increases, Los Angeles residents are having to get creative, by converting garages and building granny flats (ADUs) to create more housing and create a passive stream of income. 
Top Kitchen Trends of 2017
Top Kitchen Trends of 2017 If you are looking for stylish and functional features that will keep your kitchen looking fresh and up to date, below are some of the top kitchen trends of 2017. Patterned Tile
10 Inexpensive DIY Projects to Renovate Your Bathroom
Two of the most common home remodeling projects are kitchen remodels, and bathroom remodels. If you're not quite ready to do a full bathroom overhaul, these tips are a great starting point towards that full bathroom remodel. These are 10 Inexpensive DIY projects to renovate your bathroom.
Exterior Home Improvements & Their Expected ROI
We look at the current sale market and gathered information from trusted sources such as realtor.com, and better homes and garden, to look at specific home improvements and their expected return on investment.
10 Remodeling Mistakes I Wish I Could've Warned Myself to Avoid
Owning a home is a learning experience that comes with a lot of successes, and a lot of mistakes. This article covers 10 remodeling mistakes I made as a first time home buyer that I wish I could warn my past self not to make
Budgeting for Your Home Remodel
There are many reasons you may be looking to remodel your home. An expanding family, life changing events, or even aesthetic preferences. Home remodeling is not cheap, and often times homeowners find themselves in need of financing in order to accomplish their home renovation needs. This article discusses the main financing options for home owners, as well as some very helpful cost calculators and resources to help you determine how much of a loan you can afford, and some bad practices by lenders you should be weary of. Borrowing against the biggest asset in your life shouldn't be taken lightly! The best insurance policy against a debt that is too high to manage is being knowledgeable about good lending practices, and knowing your own financial limitations.
Why LA's Sky-High Rents Just Keep Rising
It's no secret to anyone living in, or around Los Angeles that the cost of housing in LA is steep. However, did you know that the cost of a house in California is double the national average? This article looks at the real estate situation in california in an attempt to conclude why the houses and rental payments in LA are expected to keep rising through 2018
5 Spring Inspired DIY Decor Ideas to Brighten Your Home
These spring inspired DIY decor ideas will bring spring into your home a little early this year.
5 Fast, Easy, Dramatic Kitchen Decor Ideas on a Budget
You've been staring at the same, plain, off white kitchen walls for year. For some reason, having the extra money for a kitchen make-over or never seems to fall into your hands.  This article examines 5 seemingly small, DIY Home Improvement Projects you can likely get done in the course of a day. These small changes can have a huge impact on the look, feel, character and attitude of a website.  We will start with the obvious and move on from there!
Creative Lighting Ideas to Transform Your Home
When it comes to interior design, many people tend to overlook the importance of lighting and just how much those lighting decisions can shape the look, feel, size, and type of design a room has. We explore some creative lighting solutions for your home.
How to Remove 5 Common Stains From Concrete Without Breaking the Bank
Life Happens - Wear and tear on exterior concrete is simply a fact of life. But you dont need to break the bank or hire professional to remove stains from concrete.  concrete and shows you  how to remove them without costing you an arm and a leg.
2015 Fall Interior Design Trends Arent What You'd Expect
Fall 2015 is shaping up to be a very interesting season for interior design. Here are 5 examples of fall interior design trends that may surprise you
Synthetic Turf: The Low Down
With California still suffering from critically low levels of water, a lack of rain, and heat that just wont stop- the push is on to find ways to curb the waste of water through maintaining lush, green lawns. With changes happening so rapidly, the debate is on between the legitimacy of turf as an alternative to traditional green lawns. So here is the low-down: real information about what all goes into having a synthetic turf lawn, maintaining the turf, as well as potential problems and concerns about it. Make an informed decision, and make sure to give us a call to come and install your drought defying green synthetic turf lawn.
10 Easy, Dramatic, and Cheap Home Improvements You Can Finish this Weekend
Remodeling your home can be an overwhelming prospect - So where do you start? If youre a little hesitant to take the plunge into a full scale remodeling project, there are still many ways you can make a huge impact on the comfort, look, and feel of your home without breaking the bank. Start small, and work your way up to those larger projects down the road! Here are some great home improvement ideas you can do over the weekend, and all for less than $150
Pearl Remodeling | Pool Installation Experts
A short video which features some of our previous custom pool installations
5 Unexpected Ways Landscaping Can Benefit You
We all know the usual inscentives for remodeling our homes,but indoors and outdoors; but these 5 ways that landscaping can benefit you may be a pleasant surprise!
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Our customer reviews speak for themselves- when it comes to home remodeling, we are Los Angeles' first choice in home improvement. When we say, "You dream, it, we build it"- we mean it. From top to bottom- we can make your home the home you've always dreamed of. Here is a list of our websites which are specifically tailored to your needs. We're just a phone call away- and we're ready to help make remodeling your home or out door space as easy and hassle free as possible.
5 Tips to Make Your Next Remodeling Project More Eco Friendly
Since Summer is a a popular time for home renovations and remodeling projects, we wanted to share some tips on using environmentally friendly building materials and supplies. Using the ideas and materials listed here is a great way to do your part to protect the environment and lessen the carbon footprint.
Fall and Winter Energy-Saving Tips
Simple and inexpensive actions can help you save energy and money during the cool fall and winter months.
Why remodeling: 10 Reasons To Improve Your Humble Abode
There comes a time when you really have to remodel and renovate components of your place of residence or remodel the whole house. It can become very tedious and time-consuming in no time. Worry not, here are ten good reasons to convince you to renovate. Remember - change is good.
A Good Kitchen: Orientation and Measure
Kitchen, one of the most exciting and important part of a house. A good kitchen always keeps the house alive. So it is very important to design a kitchen which helps the members with their lives.
5 ways to Increase your home’s curb appeal on a budget!
Homes with high curb appeal adds value to a property. Even if you are not planning to sell your home anytime soon, a fresh and welcoming exterior is a wonderful thing to come home to each day. Here are 5 ways to increase your home's curb appeal on a budget...
SoCal Home Design Trends | What to expect in 2017
SoCal has it's very own flavor as compared to the rest of the country. It may be a little early to say, but based on the design trends which have dominated SoCal in 2016, in conjunction with what we have seen in regards to client requests, we can start to speculate on what design trends will carry over in to 2017.
DIY Coastal Bathroom Ideas You Can Do In 1hr Or Less!
California is known for its pristine beaches, crystal blue skies, and summer fun. These DIY projects can turn your bathroom into a coastal living paradise, and all can be done in less than an hour!
If You Love DIY, You Need These Home Improvement Apps
We look at some of the most useful apps on the market for DIY home solutions. If you love DIY, then these apps are for you!
L.A. Designer turns $5,200 Mobile Home into Coastal-Living Paradise
You would never believe this fabulous work-live retreat was a mobile home. Amy Shock's incredible home remodel proves that regardless of size, with the right vision and planning, a home renovation can completely transform a space into something magical.
5 Exterior Remodeling Trends Dominating 2016
Exterior Remodeling Trends of 2016. This article explores the most popular exterior remodeling trends for houses on the market today. These 5 trends are selling houses, and transforming home exteriors from drab, dull colors to the fore front of home design.
k9 Interior Design: 5 Tips to Pet Friendly Decor
K9 Design Tips This article covers 10 tips to make your home pet friendly while still being stylish and chic
How to Prepare Your Home for Kitchen Remodeling
How to prepare for remodeling: a step by step guide on the best practices to follow when preparing your kitchen for a remodeling service.
5 Best Places to See Holiday Lights in Los Angeles
>Los Angeles is FULL of places to see beautiful light displays. Our city is stacked to the brim with magical and wonderful places to see some of the most beautiful holiday light displays in the country. This year, we here at  Pearl Remodeling have decided to compile a list of our top 5, favorite places to see lights in LA for 2015!
10 Fabulous Bathroom Remodeling Ideas Perfect for Small Spaces
10 fabulous bathroom remodeling ideas on a serious budget
Home Additions | An Overview
The decision to include an addition on your home can be incredibly daunting. The complexity of any home addition project, understandably, leaves many people feeling like they dont know where to even begin. We hope that the following information proves useful, and helps the process of such a large project seem much less overwhelming. We will discuss pros and cons of adding to the exterior of your property, the kinds of additions you can consider, a brief step-by-step guide, and some other general information  designed to put your mind at ease. And don't forget, we are only a phone call away. Whether it be a free in-home consult with one of our experts, or a phone call for general questions, Pearl Remodeling looks forward to hearing from you.
Bold Pastels and Ocean Blues: 2015 Interior Paint Trends
Bold is in. Long gone are the days of all beige walls. Although earthy tones and muted colors will always be a staple when it comes to interior painting schemes, its evident that this years trends are focused around bold, vivid colors, and the warm pristine waters off the California coast. Marine colors- Blues, Greys, whites, teals, and oranges which mimic a perfect sunset are all the buzz according to some of the top paint production companies in the nation. Many designers are taking cues that are straight from the gorgeous ocean skies and crystal waters- and the results are stunning.  Here are 5 of the top selling paint colors of 2015
Caring for Your Natural Stone Shower/TIle
Natural stone is a common choice for home owners when remodeling their bathroom or kitchen. Natural stone is absolutely beautiful and can add a dash of sophistication to any environment. Although natural stone is relatively easy to maintain, it does take additional care and maintenance that may not be required with a standard ceramic or polished porcelain tile.
Pearl Remodeling + Pixel Solutions
A fun interview with Pixel Solutions, LLC and Pearl Remodeling
6 Insanely Clever (and doable) storage ideas for your home remodel
Storage: there’s never enough of it. Balancing the demands of modern life, family, work, hobbies, leisure... clutter becomes inevitable. There is good news! Hidden storage is growing in popularity – and we have to admit; there’s a little part of us that cant help but show off a cleverly hidden storage space that looks like something from a James Bond film. Here are some innovative, unexpected, and truly fun ideas to maximize storage space in your home. See something you just can’t live without? Give us a call and get a free in-home consultation. You dream it, we can build it.
Take the First Steps Towards the Home of Your Dreams
If you've been considering a remodeling project, or new home addition- now is the time to do it! Our experts will work closely with you to custom design your next home improvement project. Add show-stopping style, and versatile functionality with us, and all at a cost that fits your budget. We care- and our reputation for excellence has come through ensuring that each client is given the time and attention they deserve.