10 Fabulous Bathroom Remodeling Ideas Perfect for Small...

Oct 30, 2015

Do you think your bathroom is too small for a remodeling project?


Even the smallest of spaces can be integrated with beautiful, functioning designs. Here are some tips to help you make your bathroom look a bit larger!

  1. shower-doors
    1. Glass Shower Door

    Curtains block site lines, which cause a room to seem smaller. Changing to glass doors opens up a bathroom space to give the illusion of more space!
  2. 2. A Contemporary Built in Tub:

    Much like replacing your shower curtain, sticking with a clean, contemporary design will make your petite bathroom seem much larger. If a stand up shower is not your cup of tea, consider a sleek built in tub such as the one we installed at this residence! The tub is compact, beautiful, and the leading lines seem to elongate the room!
  3. 3.) Mirrors:

    A large, wall sized mirror will also open up any small bathroom space. Get creative with different borders and frames!

  4. 4.) A Pocket Door:

    Swinging doors can be real space hogs, and can make an already smallish space seem tiny. Consider installing a pocket door so that you may still maintain privacy AND gain space by hiding the door away when not

  5. 5.) Think light, think bright!

    A powder room is the perfect place to experiment with bold colors and unique designs. When deciding on an over all color scheme, remember that the more light able to bounce around the room, the larger it will appear. High contrasting colors are a great choice. Unexpected dashes of bold color can distract the eye from the size of the room, making it seem larger

  6. 6.) Floating Everything:

    Whether it’s a vanity, simple shelf storage or even the sink- everything you keep off the floor will appear to add additional square footage to your bathroom. Floating appliances also give a hip, modern feel to a living space, so the benefits are two-fold.
  7. 7.) Horizontal Lines:

    Its a bold move, but an effective one. When it comes to small spaces, the name of the game is leading lines. Having horizontal lines incorporated into your wall décor will extend the site line, and give the illusion of a roomier space. This works especially well with a horizontal stripes that are a stark contrast to the rest of the colors in your bathroom.

  8. 8.) Recessed Shelving:

    Don’t let the space between wall studs go to waste! Adding recessed shelving not only creates additional storage space and reduces clutter, but also looks fantastic from a design standpoint. This kind of shelving actually opens up the walls and creates depth, making the bathroom spear larger than it is!
  9. 9.) Think Slim:

    Think about it, do you really need all of that under the counter space in your bathroom? This is a clever, sleek and beautifully designed solution that can give you an extra foot of room in your bathroom. This is a slim sink set into a shallow counter: it allows you the space to store necessary items when getting ready, but gives you that extra square footage as well!

  10. 10.) Spa Dispensers:

    One of the biggest drains on perceived space in a tiny bathroom is clutter. Bottles, serums, utensils, towels… all choke the room and greatly reduce its perceived space. Consider adding wall mounted, spa style dispensers for your toiletries! They will reduce clutter, and look fantastic while doing so!

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