k9 Interior Design: 5 Tips to Pet Friendly Decor

Mar 4, 2016


Let's face it-

The family dog is no longer just a possession; we love our dogs like family! Unfortunately, often times pets and interior design don't mix so well. Pets are a part of our family- so why not go a little out of our way to make sure they are happy and healthy, and less likely to damage a home interior. This article will cover ten tips for any home owner to make their home pet-safe, avoid messes, and still look stylish!

1.) Convenient Way in or Out


Dogs, like children, get bored and restless and look for ways to let off that access energy. In this way, providing a properly sized doggie door benefits you two-fold. On the one hand, it frees up more of your time since your pet can go outside to relieve themselves independently, and also this allows them a larger range of motion to roam, and options for places to play.


2.) Check Fences...Often, or Install Dig Defence



If you have a dog, and have a yard, it is imperitive that you frequently check the perimeter of your fenceline to make sure Fido hasnt started building an escape route. You also want to make sure that predators can't reach your loved one. There are a few options available for those puppies who just can't quite the dig. One of the best we have found is called DigDefence This system is unbelievably easy to install and will give you piece of mind that your bet is safe in your yard!

Dig Defence

This is dig defence- basically it is a set of metal tines that are hammered to the fence and to the dirt below which can prevent a disaster like your animal getting out, or a predator getting in. Visit their website for more examples! (DigDefence)

3.) Consider a Mud Room



One of the best methods of protection you have that to pets from destroying home decor, is the ability to stop dirt before it is brought into your home on muddy paws. Many people opt to use garages or back doors and install a shower and keep some towels available so that on those especially messy romps through the yard- you can give your pooch a quick rinse!

4.) Incorporate Your Kennel IN to Your Interior Design




Part of making a home more inviting and pet friendly is to blend your dog's needs into your own. This creates a seamless transition that avoids eye sores like giant metal crates from detracting from the aesthetic of your home. There has been a trend rising in popularity among American pet owners, which is to utilize the space under the stairs as a safe kennel for the family pet. This is a fantastic idea, and as far as design goes- the sky is the limit! Don't have stairs? This option may be for you:  


This alternative option incorporates a kennel into the cabinets of a laundry room! The seamless transition not only saves space, but allows your pet a safe, out-of-the-way environment  that is just for them.


5.) Pet-Safe Fabrics



For those of you who are not yet familiar with this fabric, let us introduce you to the fabulous world of crypton. Not to be confused with the other-worldy crystal which is a constant threat to a certain super hero, crypton is a hydrophobic (meaning it repells water) fabric which will change your life as a pet owner. Gone are days of soaked in smells and stains from pets, and as ad added bonus, this fabric also protects against people spills and children's messes. How can you go wrong? There are tons of dog bed options which come in this fabric, but you can also opt to have your couches and chairs upholstered with it as well. (Find out more about Crypton)


6.) Have Hardwood Floors? You Can Have Pets and Beautiful Hardwood Floors



SoftPaws are the humane alternative to declawing. Simple to apply, safe for your pets, long lasting, and coming in a huge variety of colors, soft paws have made it possible to have a family pet without having to sacrifice beautiful floors. Thinking to yourself, "My pet would never let me put those on"? Most vet clinics will apply the silicone nail caps for you! Yes- they are a bit of extra effort, but isnt your family pet worth it?


7.) Splurge on a Pet Bed



One mistake that many pet owners make is to go to a local pet store and spend a few bucks on a floppy pillow that inevitably clashes with the color scheme of their home, and in a few weeks is dirty and ragged from use from their pets. In this area- we suggest a little splurging! A beautiful pet bed can work with the design of your home instead of against it. Plus- higher quality materials and a sturdier design mean you will have to replace bedding less often which can save you in the long run. Additionally- a designated, off the ground pet space gives your dog a sense of security and comfort which can help ease anxiety. 


8.) Avoid Breakable Knick-Knacks



Anyone who has ever owned a dog with a tail will tell you just how destructive those battering rams can be. If a table is just too low- drinks, phones, candles, and breakable Knick knacks beware! Just like when you are preparing to bring a child into your home, bringing a dog into your home means making some special considerations. Dogs are not as aware of their surroundings as we would like sometimes, and you can avoid losing valuable items by keeping fragile items far out of reach of puppy paws, or puppy tails. 

9.) Updated Feeding Area


This is another area in which home owners can choose to incorporate a pet necessity to blend with their interior design rather than fight against it. Creating a feeding area such as the one above is simple, and in all reality is much safer for your pet. Large breeds especially- tend to eat quickly and this causes air to fill their stomachs. In some cases, dog's stomach or intestines can actually turn inside of them and without immediate medical attention, it is fatal. One of the best things you can do to prevent this is to keep food elevated to a more natural height for your dog. In this way- updating a feeding area is not only stylish, but is a good investment to keep your pet safe.


10.) Designated Play Area



Sectioning off part of a room, or an entire room in your home and designating it specifically for your pet will be beneficial to you in more than one way. First- designating a space that your pet knows is suitable for play, while discouraging too much play in other areas will help to put your puppy in the mind set of where it is and isn’t okay to be rowdy. Dogs are full of energy, they need to run and jump and play tug-of-war or chase balls or squeak toys. We all love those behaviors, but sometimes they are less desirable in areas where the floor or furniture may be delicate. Having a place that's just for your pooch to be their silly, playful selves is a great compromise in times when you may not be able to take them for a walk or for outdoor exercise for a little while. Having a puppy space is no substitute for fresh air and runs in the park- but it can provide a secure, safe "den" like environment for your pet as well as allowing an environment for your pet to be a little less careful than they would elsewhere in your home. 


It is possible

You can have a beautiful, stylish home interior while still making special considerations for the all important family member; your family dog. With a few adjustments, your home space can be shared in a way that is comfortable for your puppy, and looks great for you.