SB9 Effect To Single-Family Homes in Los Angeles County

Sep 24, 2021

With the passing of SB9, homeowners will now have more options to build additional housing on their lots. There are no set specifications or guidelines in place, however, the idea is that homeowners can build multiple granny flats, convert a house into a duplex, erect a triplex or fourplex. 

As a homeowner in Los Angeles, how will this affect you? Depending on where you live, you will soon have the ability to build more units on your property. Specifically, eligible homeowners can split their property into two lots, and of those two lots, two units may be built on it. Thereby in total, there may be up to four units built on a property. 


Source: Peggy Marco; Pixabay 

One of the restrictions is that the homeowner must sign an affidavit that says they are living in the principal housing unit for at least three years. Another important restriction outline under SB9 is that parcels must be at least 1,200 sq ft. Additionally, each unit should have at least one parking spot. There are several other restrictions that purposely make it an advantage for homeowners instead of developers to be able to build more housing units. 

SB9 won’t go into effect until January 1, 2022, thus for the time being homeowners won’t be able to make any moves until then. As contractors, we can only hope the process of city permit approvals is smooth and fluid. You can count on us to stay updated with the latest zoning laws and regulations. If you are interested in building an additional housing unit on your property including ADUs, garage conversions, granny flats, or duplexes, give us a call! We offer free-estimates appointments!