5 Fireplace Designs to Bring Your Family & Friends...

Sep 25, 2020

Brick fireplace

Red Bricks 

The classic red brick is an iconic style that still holds its stylish value. A nice herringbone layout to contrast patterns adds depth to the inside or outside of a fireplace. Red bricks are a cheaper alternative as compared to other materials. Bricks are dependable and easy to fix if this is a chip. Although the color may fade over time, it is also easy to re-brighten its red hue back to its original vivid color. 

double sided fireplace

Although you may want to bring people together maybe you would also like to divide your backyard space. Therefore, a double-sided fireplace would be perfect for this solution. A two-sided fireplace is accessible from both sides and can bring warmth to two different environments. 

Contemprary Fireplace
Contemporary Fireplace 

Contemporary styles go beyond traditional styles and incorporate definitive characteristics that differ from traditional fireplaces. A massive fireplace with a simplistic design, decorative stones, and a black firebox is an example. A low-profile built-in seating is also a common style. 

Freestanding fireplace
Free Standing Fireplace 

If you would like to add more amenities to your backyard outside of your home. A freestanding outdoor fireplace is a perfect solution for you. Detached from your home, you have fewer worries about any fire hazards. A fireplace with patio space creates the perfect cozy environment. 

outdoor-stone-fireplace-kits-square (2)
Stone Fireplace 

Similar to bricks, stones are another iconic style to incorporate into your home. However, stones have a natural elegance that lasts a lifetime. Stones add texture and character, it can also be mixed with other materials.