If You Love DIY, You Need These Home Improvement Apps

Jun 10, 2016

5 Essential Home Improvement Apps for DIY Enthusiasts

home improvement apps

If you love home improvement, and you love DIY, these apps are perfect for you!

We scoured the intertnet looking for the best homeimprovement apps we could find, and we were thoroughly impressed by some of the incredibly useful apps we found! There really is an app for everything! And if you love DIY, you're missing out if these handy home improvement apps aren't in your collection!


5. Houzz Interior Design Ideas 

If you aren't familiar with Houzz, you definitely should be! Houzz is a great resource for anyone who is interested in home improvement, decorating, landscaping, interior design, and remodeling. It is an online community that showcases local contractors, and enables easy communication, inspiration, reviews, and a look at previous work via pictures and video. You can ask questions, talk with previous clients of a contractor, or talk to a contractor directly. If you like looking at pictures of beautiful rooms and exteriors, you’re going to love Houzz. It’s a free photo bank app that contains more than 150,000 images of kitchens, bathrooms, kids’ rooms, porches, patios and pools. There are also tabs with product suggestions, inspiration from professionals and design ideas galore. You can even shop directly from the app if you see something you like, and ask a professional for advice. With the sheer amount of photos and information on Houzz, it’s hard to believe it’s free.

Cost: FREE 

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4. Project Color by HomeDepot

Can't decide on a color for your room or accent wall? This app is a lifesaver! Project Color by HomeDepot allows you to see what YOUR space will look like with a specific paint color. Unlike many similar apps that have pre-desgined spaces to use for testing colors, this app allows you to take a photo fo your own space, and tap the surfaces to paint! It also includes a "match" function, by which you can take a photo and tap on a color in that photo, and the app will bring up the closest color's in paint! So if you're out and about and see a color you absolutely adore, you can snap a photo and the app will show you which paint to buy! If you already know the paint color, you can use the "find it" function.


project color home improvement app

Cost: FREE

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3. HomeStyler Interior Design 

WIRED magazine sings praises for this app, calling it an essential! This app is a collection of stunning interior design projects, tips and trends.It allows you to watch your own home design ideas come to life by experimenting with real products. How? You can snap a photo of your own room and use it as a 3d design template!! With this, you can place high-quality 3D models of real furniture products in your rooms,  hang light fixtures, visualize different product combinations and bsically see what your room will look likebefore you ever spend a penny. Additionally, this app has a great advice section where users can get advice and feedback. Complete with tons of "how tos", galleries, ideas, information and more, this app is really, truly amazing. Best  part? Its free!


home improvement app homestyler

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 2. Photo Measures Lite

One of the most frustrating aspects of home improvement projects  is ensuring you have enough of a certain material, or making sure you have enough paint, or a certain object will fit in a selected space. This is a great tool for any home improvement project. This app allows you to snap a photo, and then using your fingers, draw a line between two items, or along the side of an item, and it masures that item based on the line you drew. For example, lets say you want to measure the dimensions of a bookshelf. You would snap a photo of the bookshelf, and trace the sides of the bookshelf with your finger, and the app will tell you the dimensions in which ever unit of measure you would like. You can store those notes right on the photo, and it even has a file system that allows you to keep annotated photos organized.Take a photo and directly draw measures on it . Zoom into and out of your photo when you need more precision . Edit your measures with a very intuitive interface . Quickly add text as comments when measures are not enough . Native support for angles . Save your measures in imperial or metric units . Easily organize your photos by category . Export your dimensions in high resolution by email or to the photo library . Import photos of any size and aspect ratio . This is the lite version so it is free, however, it is limited. With the free version you can only store up to two photos. The pro version is available with all of the features for $6.99. 


home improvement app photomeasure

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1. WikiHow

Yes, we're serious.  The most fundamental tool you need for any project is know-how. We have tested it by asking "how to" guides on some obscure and unusual projects, and without fail this app provides excellent guides for the DIY enthusiast in us all. Additionally, it is a great tool to see what you may really be up against when attempting a home improvement project. You may look at the how-to guide and realize that your project is far more involved or time consuming than you had originally intended, and the best option is to hire a professional. The user interface is simple, the project how tos are incredibly accurate, and ech guide has step-by-step photos. Everything you can imagine, from recipies, to work outs, to home improvement, this app pretty much has it all. 

Sometimes the apps that function the best, are the most simple, and Wikihow is a shining example of an app without the frills, that may be the most used app you ever download.

home improvement app wikihow

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 There you have it!

We hope you enjoyed out list of the 5 home improvement apps every diy lover should have!


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Published: 6.10.16