Top 5 Features For ADU Living

Oct 12, 2020



First and foremost, a kitchenette should be a top priority. Actually, the difference between a guesthouse and an ADU is that an ADU has a stovetop. Having a stovetop, space for a full refrigerator, sink, and cabinets will give you the personal necessity you need to live independently. It takes an experienced contractor to build the perfect kitchenette that will give you optimal space and durability. 


Full Bathroom 

Secondly, a bathroom is a must, not a half bathroom a full one. The ultimate ADU living space emulates a regular just at a smaller scale. You can have a full bathroom with a sink, toilet, and shower. A perfectly designed bathroom, with give you enough space to move about in your bathroom and store your personal items. 


Bedroom Space

It may come as a surprise but a bedroom may not be the most prominent feature of an ADU, but it would be best. A bedroom can be scaled to fit up to a King-sized bed, but it may be a little too big for an ADU. A bedroom done correctly will have enough space for a bed and even a closet. Designing a closet will help to store items and save space. 


Living Room Space

Another feature that is fantastic to have is living room space. Designating a space for your entertainment allows you to relax and get away from being holed-up in your room. Mounting your TV and using smaller-scale furniture pieces will allow you to converse space. Not to mention, the perfectly sized couch or couches will fit will allow you to house guests. 

Laundry Section 

A huge plus for an ADU is a designated space for laundry units. Tucked into a built-in space, you can save space yet have access to wash your clothes at any time. Washing machines that are stackable is your best option. Custom shelves to house your laundry necessities efficiently store all your necessities.