5 Bathroom Home Improvement Trends in 2022

Feb 28, 2022

As a general contractor, we see the most popular and uprising interior design trends. For this upcoming year, the modern look continues to dominate. Although styles and design vary from a luxurious and minimalistic look, here are the 5 most popular home improvement trends for bathroom remodels. 


Open Concept Bathroom Remodel - Pearl Remodeling



The most dramatic change you can do to a bathroom is breaking down walls or even configuring the layout of the bathroom. Removing unnecessary walls that block sunlight or decrease space can add an open feel. Even low-bearing walls can be removed for the sake of creating an open space. A glass shower enclosure will take up less space yet still create that open concept look. 


Modern Hardware Finishes - Pearl Remodeling

The type of hardware you decide to use on your bathroom essentials is the icing on the cake. Using the same type of hardware gives a bathroom a nice clean and uniform look. The most popular types of finishes are brushed nickel, matte black, and gold. Brushed nickel and matte black can be practically used with any type of color combination but it's always best to include a hint of black. Gold finishes are best combined with dark shades of blue, green, and gray. Gold on white and black is a timeless and luxurious look. 


Technical Bathroom Upgrades - Pearl Remodeling

What's a modern bathroom remodel with the incorporation of new modern technological features. LED or Smart mirrors are a must-have vanity mirror. There are plenty of mirrors with more functionalities such as dimmable lights, smart displays, dimmable backlights, and more! For the sake of efficiency and functionality, smart light switches, toilets, faucets, and heaters are also great features to add to your bathroom. 



Along with technological upgrades, go for a floating vanity! Floating vanities help to also rid of bulky furniture that may take away from the space of your bathroom. Floating vanities make the bathroom looks bigger and more spacious. Depending on the style of your bathroom you can match it with white shaker cabinets or natural wood finishes. For a minimalistic look, simply leaving a solid countertop surface is the ultimate modern look. 


Bathroom Accent Wall - Pearl Remodeling

Accent walls aren’t just for living rooms or bedrooms, they look spectacular in bathrooms as well. Accent walls are the perfect way to add character and play with colors or textures that compliment the style of your bathroom. For a luxurious look, covering a wall with any stone such as marble or other tiles will add the perfect accent of texture to your bathroom. As an alternative, you can also paint a wall a different color that can also make the room seem bigger than it is.