New Los Angeles ADU Law That You Need To Know For 2020

Dec 26, 2019

Accessory Dwelling Units have become very popular in the last few years throughout Los Angeles. Up until this point homeowners were only allowed to build one ADU per property, but thanks to Law AB68 that is about to change. Effective Jan 1st, 2020 homeowners will be able to build a second “Junior ADU” within their property lines. This law change is a huge win for any homeowner looking to increase profits from renting.


Sometimes known as garage conversions, room additions, backyard houses, in-law units, and granny flats, Accessory Dwelling Units provide a way for homeowners to increase livable space on their existing property. These spaces can then be used to rent out or house family members.  Numerous rules and regulations have caused homeowners to struggle through the process of building new ADUs on their property. However, laws are expected to change in favor of homeowners to increase the number of ADUs they can build and making it easier to build ADUs in general. Next year is projected to be the start of a phenomenal year for homeowners/home investors to invest in the construction of new ADUs. Stay tuned for more updates…



Other changes to ADU laws to look out for.

1.       No minimum lot size.

2.       Owners can live off site.

3.       Building height can reach 16 feet

4.       Owners can build a “junior ADU” within the primary residence measuring up to 500 square feet

5.       Garages can be converted into ADU’s.

6.       Local government must review a completed application within 60 days (previously 120 days).