3 Ways to Combine Your Kitchen & Laundry Units

Feb 25, 2022

Kitchen & Laundry Combination 

A laundry machine in the kitchen? Is that weird? You’d be surprised! Homeowners are actually interested in installing their kitchen units into the kitchen for several reasons. Aesthetic-wise, major brands including LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, and others are making luxurious and appealing laundry units. A beautifully nickel-brushed unit fits perfectly with nickel-brushed kitchen appliances. For the sake of efficiency, doing laundry and cooking in the same room is a multitaskers paradise. On the other hand, with limited space incorporating laundry units can help to save space around the house. Below are the various ways you can incorporate your laundry units into your kitchen.


Barn Door Pantry 

If you love the idea of having your laundry units in your kitchen but hate the thought of looking at them all the time, just hide them. In this kitchen, the stacked laundry units fit perfectly into this custom kitchen pantry. The pantry also has custom shelves to store all the necessary laundry essentials. A beautiful sliding barn door simply slides to give you access to do laundry. Installing a barn door saves space and can be customized to fit the style of your kitchen.  





Butler’s Pantry/Laundry Room

For homes with large kitchen space, installing laundry units in the butler kitchen is the perfect way to have your laundry units in the kitchen yet separated. A butler’s pantry room could house all almost all your essentials for your kitchen and laundry necessities. The butler’s room depicted above even has a sink countertop space perfect for folding clothes. 





Laundry Units On Display 

There's no shame in installing laundry units in your kitchen, it’s the perfect way to easily have success with your most essential appliances all in one room. Today there are many types of laundry units that are stylish in design, silent, and are slimmer than ever before. You can install units side by side like a dishwasher or on top of each other. Incorporating them within your kitchen cabinets will make their placement seamless. You can even install custom pocket doors or cabinet doors to hide the units if you wish. We installed these stackable LG washer/dryer within a custom pantry section within the corner of the kitchen.