Popular Room Additions in Los Angeles

Nov 6, 2020

There are many reasons why homeowner’s extended their homes, but the main reason is the need for space. Perhaps your family grows, you need more storage area, you want to build a game room, or etc. Any type of room addition project boosts your home’s value by far. Here is a list of the most popular room addition projects done within Los Angeles. 


Master Suite 

The master suite is beyond the most sacred room of the house, it’s the room where you sleep and store all your personal belongings. Today, the idea of a walk-in closet, master bathroom, vanity, and plenty of bedroom space is sought-after. Thereby, one of the most popular room additions to adding space for such features. In the long room, 

Key St. - Kitchen 7
Kitchen & Dining Room 

For some people, the kitchen that was included in their home purchase wasn’t exactly the dream kitchen they dreamt of. Aside from remodeling it, most people want to extend their kitchen space to fully store all of their necessities. To be honest, nothing beats having sufficient space to move around the kitchen and store items across your kitchen. Thus, many homeowners choose to extend their kitchen space or build a new dining space adjacent to the kitchen. With sufficient space, you can add an island, walk-in pantry, extra cabinets, and more. 

game room
Game Room 

Most homeowners build new rooms to dedicate an entertainment center where you can put a theater system or place larger items that don’t fit in a living room. For example, if you have a large pool table, arcade machine, projector, or anything else that requires expansive space. Not to mention, a spacious game room addition will add more value to your home. 


Similar to a game room, a sunroom extension offers more square footage to your home where you can store items and for usage. The difference with a sunroom is the large windows that emulate a backyard patio yet are completely enclosed. Additionally, sunrooms are meant to store patio furniture or anything else that can withstand direct sunlight.     


Adding a mudroom extension is perhaps one of the cheapest room addition projects you can complete. Mudrooms offer more space for homeowners to store everyday necessities such as shoes, coats, backpacks, and etc. As indicated in the name, mudrooms function as an entry-way room where you can trap dirt all in one room to keep your house clean. Normally, mudrooms are small, easy, and cheaper to build.