4 Worthy Remodeling Projects For Homeowners in Los...

Mar 16, 2022


4 Worthy Remodeling Projects For Homeowners in Los Angeles County


Perhaps you are currently at an indecisive moment where you are ready to invest in a remodeling project but you don't know which project to tackle first. You want to plan carefully and make the best financial decision possible. We hope to clear up any differences between 4 of the best possible remodeling projects that will add significant value to your home. If you are a homeowner in Los Angeles County, practically these 4 remodeling projects will boost the home’s value in no time. 



1. Kitchens 

Reconstructing a kitchen is perhaps the most valuable type of remodeling project you can invest in. Completely redesigning a  kitchen will boost the value of your home by far! Installing a new plumbing system, new appliances, cabinets, and other materials. For homes in Los Angeles County, homeowners will undoubtedly make a return on their investment, especially in today’s market. 

Major kitchen renovations are the #1 remodeling projects homeowners should consider over any other type of project. Kitchens are the heart and soul of homes! 


2. Room Additions 

Adding more square footage to your home is automatically a good remodeling investment. 

Newly added square footage generally increases your home’s value. There are certain costs that will be associated with your addition regardless of the size, so the amount you want to add has to be worth it. For example, adding a mudroom is great but does not compare to adding a family room. New rooms will require the demolition of existing exterior walls, a new foundation, a new roof, new exterior siding, and probably new windows. 

Newly built ADUs are by far the most valuable type of room addition projects you can invest in. Adding a smaller replica of your home will increase your property's value out of every other project. The only reason ADUs are not #1 is that not every property can fit an ADU. There are many codes and regulations that vary from city and county in Los Angeles. Additionally, ADUs require a lot of resources and time to be properly built. But we can assure you as general contractors, this is the best investment you can ever make to your property for resale value. 


3. Exterior Remodel 

You know the old saying, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”? Well in the case of the housing market it does not apply. Curb appeal is as precious as the inside look of a home. Investing money in updating the look of your home goes a long way. A nice fresh look will allure the interest of many potential buyers looking to purchase your home. 

There are various types of exterior upgrades that you can invest in including; extending your entryway patios, decks, patios, driveway pavers, landscaping, gates, fences, and more. 



4. Bathrooms

Bathroom remodels are outstanding remodels to invest in, they will add value to your home but not as much as a kitchen remodel would. However, drastic bathroom remodels like creating a new layout or shower size, installing a freestanding bathtub, retiling, or installing new modern features. Modernizing your bathroom with efficient toilets, LED lights, dimmable light switches, built-in niches, heated floors, etc., are ways to refresh an outdated bathroom. Spending too much on a bathroom remodel could be a mistake, for example, installing exotic or rare tiles is not worth the investment. 

Overall, getting bathroom remodels right is key in order to get the most for your investment. You definitely want to go overboard with a bathroom remodel but get the price just right.