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How to stay cozy during the January slump

Dec 31, 2019

Dark days and gloomy gray skies are enough to bring nearly everyone’s mood down. With the excitement of the holiday season over, not even the Christmas lights that have been left up are enough to fight off the dreariness that comes with the cold temperatures and slow, short, dreary January days. This is a common phenomenon that has come to be known as the January slump. Since this is a period where a lot of us spend most of our time indoors, one of the best ways to combat the slump is by making the home as warm and cozy as possible. These are a few of the ways you can create a warm ambience and stay cozy and comfy during the January slump.

1.    Create a Reading Nook


When it gets dark in the early afternoon, it’s tempting to fall into a pattern of binge-watching TV as a passive and familiar way to spend the time. You can avoid this by creating a cozy and comfortable reading nook which will serve as your go-to space in the home to curl up with a book, whether it’s an old favorite or something new you’ve wanted to read for a while. The most important elements of your nook should a good reading light, plenty of pillows, blankets or quilts and a hot cup of your drink of choice.

2.    Have a Games and Projects Area


The spot you use for this purpose shouldn’t be a place that gets used for other purposes on a daily basis. Instead, find a less used area of your home and make it your designated spot for games, projects, arts and crafts etc. It will allow you the chance to gather the whole family for a game night or provide the perfect place to do a puzzle, organize photos, make a scrapbook, or any other creative project.

3.    Add Warmth



If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace or wood stove in your home, make use of it during this time! One of the best ways to transform a cold and gloomy house into a cozy and comfortable one is to get a fire going. If you find yourself rarely making use of the fireplace, make sure to keep all the tools and supplies needed nearby so that when the mood strikes you it will be easy and convenient to start the blaze. Don’t forget to decorate your mantle for an added personal touch.

If you don’t have a fireplace, you can use candles as an alternative to add warmth and coziness to your home. Pick out several large candles with your favorite scents and place them in spots you tend to spend the most time in.

4.    Play Around with the Lighting


One of the quickest ways to transform a space is by changing up the lighting. During the darker months, it’s a great idea to experiment with your light sources and find a way to create different layers of light in the home. You can make use of table lamps, tea light candles, dimmers, colored light bulbs, floor lamps or string lights to create a different atmosphere for every mood from reading by yourself, to gatherings with friends and family.

5.    Make Use of Blankets and Textiles


One of the quickest ways to add coziness to a room is simply by draping a blanket over the sofa. Having a soft blanket readily available adds to the look of comfort of the sofa and provides you with the perfect thing to snuggle up with. If you don’t like the look of a draped blanket consider keeping several warm and soft throws in a basket near the sitting area.


If there are areas of your home with bare floors, consider adding a rug or runner, for the duration of winter if not permanently. A soft and fuzzy rug next to your bed can make all the difference when getting up first thing in the morning. Additionally, consider adding a rug (a flat-weave with waterproof backing) to the cold tiles of your bathroom to make it a little more pleasant on your feet. Adding canopies and drapes to your four-poster or windows are also great ways to add a soft and cozy feeling, especially in your bedroom.