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6 times you'll need to hire a contractor

Nov 6, 2019

When you’re starting a home improvement project, both large and small, there are times when you will need to hire a contractor. An experienced contractor will make the entire process much easier for you by overseeing all construction and helping to bring your design to life. Additionally, contractors are able to expertly manage all aspects of your project from hiring subcontractors, applying for permits to overseeing the work and eventual cleanup.


A contractor will be an essential part of your team whether it’s a remodel or a new build. There are 6 of the times when you’ll need to a hire a contractor.

1.    If You’re Working on Your Kitchen


A kitchen remodeling project is a complicated process and the work that is done is nearly never limited to altering a single element of the room. Projects that encompass a lot of different work elements will also require the services of different professionals such as electricians, carpenters, plumbers or cabinetmakers.

When you have more than one individual working on the same project you will also need someone who will be able to oversee and coordinate the work while maintain the overall vision for the space. This is where a general contractor comes in, as they have the ability to perform these duties as well scheduling work, maintaining the site while also hiring and overseeing the individual subcontractors.

2.    If You’re Building an Addition

When you’re planning to build an addition to your home it’s a good idea to consult with or hire an architect who will help you create an addition that will seamlessly integrate with the rest of your home. When this is done, you will need to hire a contractor to take the lead on the building project as they will be able to obtain the appropriate building permits and complete your addition to code while still keeping in line with the architect’s plans.

3.    If You Want to Design the Project Yourself


It may sound daunting at first, but it’s possible for homeowners to take on the role of designer for certain smaller design and remodeling projects If this is something you want to do, you will need to hire a contractor who can help bring your design to life. A contractor will also be able to tell you why certain ideas may not work and suggest changes to the design to make it more feasible while still keeping it accurate to your vision.

4.    If You’re Making Structural Changes

Making structural changes to your home (such as knocking down a wall to create an open-concept space) is a project that requires a lot of knowledge and coordination. The design work can be pretty straightforward or more complicated projects may require the services of an architect or designer. However, in both of these cases you will need to hire a general contractor to help you get started and to coordinate the work for the duration of the process including supervising any construction or electrical work that will need to be done.

5.    If You’re Restoring Your Home


In cases of fire, floor or storms it’s possible the damage to your home to be so extensive that it requires a top-to-bottom restoration. Restorations have a lot of work included in them such as electrical repairs, floor replacements, new drywall installations as well as repainting and restoring most of the interior. This process will move a lot more quickly and smoothly if you hire a contractor to serve as your go-to person for guiding the restoration process.

6.    If There Are Any Safety Issues

When it comes to work that may have an effect on your and your family’s safety, it’s crucial to hire a professional. There are things that may seem like small jobs that are easily outsourced to a handyperson, however it’s a much better idea to hire a general contractor who is familiar with the building codes and will be able to complete the work with your safety as a priority. Hiring an experienced contractor is the best choice when safety issues are concerned such as for repairs or replacements of stairs, railings or decks.