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Tips For Remodeling Your Bathroom

Aug 12, 2019

A bathroom remodeling project is a very involved and complicated process that most people don’t know too much about unless they’re a professional or someone who has been through the process several times already. In fact, most homeowners don’t know the cost of a basic bathroom remodel, let alone how much space is required for a toilet, bath or how to choose the right vanity.

Having the right knowledge about what to expect and the things to consider when remodeling your bathroom can be the difference between a long and strenuous remodeling process that leaves you with an okay bathroom and a much quicker and easier process that will create the bathroom of your dreams. The following tips can make the second option your reality.

1.    Budget and Planning

The overall cost of a bathroom remodeling project will vary depending on the size of the room, the features you wanted added, the materials you choose to use as well as whether you’re doing some of the work yourself or you’re relying fully on a contractor. Familiarizing yourself with the average costs of a bathroom remodel will help you make planning decisions that will define your expectations and vision of the finished bathroom as well as the estimated budget you need to set aside for the entire project.

2.    Choosing the Focal Point

Choosing the right focal point for the bathroom will have a huge impact on the room’s overall aesthetic. The worst mistake you can make when it comes to this is having the toilet be the first thing visible when the bathroom door opens. Toilets are not the most visually pleasing elements of a bathroom and can ruin an otherwise serene and spa-like feel by simply being the first thing the eye focuses on when looking into the bathroom. Nearly all other elements are a better choice for a focal point, with the bathtub being a particularly popular choice, especially if there is a window on the wall across from the door.

3.    Keeping It Vintage

Even though the purpose of a bathroom remodel is to create a newer and fresher look, it’s a good idea to consider whether some changes are worth the effort. This is especially true for older homes with vintage tiles. Older wall tiles may be secured with several coats of concrete and wire lath which makes their removal very difficult and expensive. Considering the fact that vintage finishes and details are an attractive feature, weigh your options and you may see that keeping the vintage tiles is the best choice both stylistically and financially.

4.    Lighting

Planning a lighting scheme is the difference between a bathroom that is well-lit and pleasant and one that looks dark and gloomy. Incorporating several different types of lighting (ambient, accent and decorative) lighting is essential to making your bathroom look and feel bright. If you’re not sure how to create this effect consult with your designer or a lighting specialist.

5.    Dimensions

The key to creating a well-designed bathroom is understanding the basic dimensions of its main features. Once you know the size of a typical bathtub, shower, and understand the amount of space that should be reserved for a toilet it’s much easier to plan the overall layout of the room and see where to place furnishings.

Another important measurement to keep in mind is the height of your sink and countertops. The standard countertop height is 32 or 34 inches, however your sink can add or take away from that height. For example, if you would like to incorporate an above the counter sink, you will need to take away from the countertops height in order to be able to comfortably access the sink.