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Design Trends To Brighten Up Your Home

Feb 10, 2019

Each new year brings with it new trends in the design world, with new colors, different styles of hardware and gadgets that will turn even the most ordinary home into a truly new and extraordinary space. Trends change with the turn of a page but true quality and timeless design are something that is here to stay. These are 5 design ideas that are sure to leave their mark in 2019 and brighten up your home!

1.     Colors speak louder than words

The past couple of years the rise of minimalism has made its way into many houses, and is most noticeable in the white walls that seem to dominate many interior design magazines and blogs. However, a clean-cut space doesn’t have to be devoid of color in order to maintain this look. The new trend on the rise is including a warm palette of color into your home. Warm colors can brighten up and give a friendly touch to any space no matter its overall design style. These palettes work in both modern and traditional spaces.

For those of you looking for something more low-key that will still bring a touch of warmth to your home, there are plenty of warm-toned browns, greys, creams and beiges to choose from. Those who are looking to make a bigger splash with color should look to more orange and pink tones, or even warmer shades of blue and teal are sure to give you the effect you’re looking for.

Another sure-fire way to bring both warmth and style to a room is to add gold accents. They can be as small or big as you feel comfortable with, but rest assured that even a touch of gold leaf on wallpaper can have a big effect especially when paired with the right lighting.

Choosing the right colors for you space should be a priority and will help you avoid dating the room. Make sure that your chosen colors suit both the style and architecture of the room, especially for larger paint jobs, and you will then be able to play around with the details to create new looks as frequently as you want.

2.      Industrial finishes

In keeping with the theme of warmth, a huge new trend the warm metal and brass finishes to any small fixtures and appliances. These industrial finishes can be seen nearly everywhere from the taps and faucets to cabinet handles. Whatever the overall style of your home is, you can find a material that will add a special touch to the metal details and work cohesively with the rest of the décor.

3.     Suspended lighting

While recessed lights offer a sleek look that fits well into most modern homes, suspended and especially pendant kitchen lighting is making a big lighting. And it’s easy to see why: with so many different materials and styles to choose from, suspended lighting gives homeowners a carte blanche to express their unique sense of style and get creative with their lighting. Even though pendant lights can be seen in many rooms around the house, the most popular locations are above the kitchen island or above the dining room table. Both of these spaces greatly benefit from the added pieces of interest and their look and atmosphere can be completely transformed.

4.     Nature-inspired wallpaper

Wallpaper was a huge decorating taboo for a while, but that view has changed drastically over the last few years. With so many design and texture options available more and more homeowners are choosing to use wallpaper to make a quick and dramatic transformation of their home. The biggest trend for 2019 is choosing wallpaper with nature-inspired motifs. From lively florals to more subtle botanical prints, nature truly has something to offer for everyone’s taste and sense of style.

5.     Improved bathroom lighting

We’ve all been faced with the horror of fluorescent lights in changing rooms and public bathrooms. The harsh light seems to morph our features and can quickly bring down your whole mood, even if you were confident in your look when leaving the house.

It’s no surprise that lighting has a great effect on our moods and the way we see ourselves. You don’t want to be dealing with that first thing in the morning or just before you go to bed. Improve the lighting in your bathroom, swap out any harsh lights and make use of vanity lights that will brighten up the start of your day as well as your skin tone. As a bonus, better lighting arrangements in the bathroom, especially around the shower area can prevents accidental bumps and falls.