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Ensuring Your Pet's Safety During Renovations And...

Sep 7, 2018

1. Devise A Working Schedule

Thinking about whether or not to lock your pet in a room for a short amount of time? No need to do that. It's very important to know about your tight schedule and when a certain part of a project takes place. Consult your workers about timing and how a specific project has an effect on your pet.


Once you know this important info about when to keep your pet away from hazardous activities, remember to pen the schedule down. It's obligatory and it doesn't hurt to keep it in a notepad for future reference. Your pet doesn't know and is not used to sharp nails lying around his favorite spot.

That being said, there are some specific tasks that can take place outside or inside like painting or constructing additional material which may prove hazardous to your pet. Filter out which stuff you can do outside and which of them need to be done inside.

Keep this in mind because it's easily overlooked among the chaos of organizing a full-blown renovation. Additionally, don't forget to consult your constructor about the time frame when ensuring your pet's safety during renovations.

2. Track Your Pet's Movement

Today, it's very easy to microchip your pet. It may sound ludicrous, but it's actually a pretty high priority. Your pet endures high stress, hazardous dust particles, and extremely loud and sharp noises. Twisting his regular home into an unfamiliar place is absolutely nerve-racking for your pet.


If you haven’t, microchip your friend. You just never know when the chaos proves too much and he decides that it's not his home anymore. Ensure tracking its movement this way, so that the local animal pound can identify the whereabouts. Despite seemingly unnecessary, this may be one of the more obligatory tasks when ensuring your pet's safety during renovations of your home.

3. A Sanctuary For Your Pet

A hideout during these "hard times" may prove a fantastic solution for ensuring your pet's safety during renovations from falling debris. There are some house projects that emit very hazardous fumes, noxious ground gases, dust particles, and even deadly asbestos. Absolutely never underestimate and overlook the dangers of seemingly harmless debris removal for ensuring your pet's safety during renovations.


Your pet is used to freely roaming around the house and this doesn't spell good news for your renovation project. Generally speaking, this is when you should consider taking your pet far away from the site. A good idea is to drop him off at your friend's house until you do the dangerous task yourself.

As a last resort, you should choose a specific area for your pet and keep it there. Throw in his favorite toy, a comfy rug, and enough food until the task is complete.  This is especially important if you are a bird owner. If there are vacuum cleaners or jackhammers near, find another place far away from the noise. Finally, you should consider sticking a sign on the door to inform that the pet's inside the room.

4. Don't Let Renovations Ruin Quality Time

Of course, your focus should pinpoint on the renovation tasks at hand. But, this doesn't mean that you should neglect the usual routine that you have with your pet. Disrupting your four-legged/fine-feathered friend's habitual activities and food schedules don't do your pet any good. Never let renovations get in the way of properly taking care of your pet. Mending a broken heart because of missed walks in the park takes more time than filling up the cracked ceiling in your living room.


5. Double-Checking For Leftover Dangers

Sift through the debris after the handymen and cleaning crew leave. Search for any sharp objects or things that look tasty but are toxic. Any unfamiliar objects may do your pet harm. Inspect everything and make sure to search every nook and cranny for leftover construction adhesive that looks like a chew toy. This is very important for ensuring your pet's safety during renovations.

6. Boarding Kennels As A Final Resort

If you are too worried that your pet is in danger when renovating and upgrading your house, boarding kennels are your best bet. Yes, it's not very easy on the wallet, but it's only for a couple of days. Remember that it may prove a valid investment when you understand that it's obligatory for your pet's well being.

All you need to do is follow these convenient little tips to prevent your pet knocking over paint cans during renovations. Cats' curious nature is not much of a problem in contrast to your canine friend's endless enthusiasm disrupting all the work. As soon as you are done ensuring your pet's safety during renovation and your working environment organized, you're in the clear.