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Pearl Remodeling Talks Granny Flats with the L.A. Times

Apr 19, 2018

Pearl Remodeling Talks Granny Flats Los Angeles Times

As home prices skyrocket and the demand for housing increases, Los Angeles residents are having to get creative, by converting garages and building granny flats to create more housing.

For one mother who wanted to help her daughter buy a home, an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) was the best option. Not only are the costs reasonable, but the approval process is much faster in most cases than building new.
Pearl Remodeling has been building ADUs for a very long time, but now more than ever, thanks to a new California law (SB-1069) aimed at simplifying the process and eliminating some restrictions. 

Read the article, "Could granny flats help ease the state's housing crisis? Some advocates think so" for details. It discusses that particular mother’s personal experience, how ADUs are more affordable than traditional housing, and how it makes sense for Los Angeles homeowners. ADU building costs less than purchasing a new home in most cases, and allows you to increase home equity while expandng square footage. Many Los Angeles residents are taking advantage of this opportunity to build legal living space that can be rented for extra income, and serve as much needed additional housing in Southern California.