Mar 28, 2017

If you are looking for stylish and functional features that will keep your kitchen looking fresh and up to date, below are some of the top kitchen trends of 2017.

Patterned Tile 

Subway tiles are taking a backseat while patterned tile is on the rise. It seems as if people are looking for something different from the clean lines of the standard tiles and looking for something fresh and exciting. Patterned tile, also known as graphic tile, come in many different styles. You can choose a bright bold pattern to compliment your kitchen or a more muted neutral color if you prefer a more toned down look. Incorporating patterned tile is a great way to add excitement to an otherwise dull kitchen.

Pet Friendly Spaces 

Any pet owner will tell you how much they love their pets and how they are like family. Designating a special area for them in the kitchen is on the rise. This makes taking care of your pet more accessible and organized.  One idea is a feeder station where you can store your pet’s food and toys. You can also install raised bowls to ensure easier digestion for your animals and keeps the bowl off the floor for someone to kick over. There are so many neat and fun ideas to organize your pet’s needs into your kitchen design.


 Beverage Centers 

Kitchens are more than a place where you just store food and eat meals these days. Kitchens are becoming elaborate entertainment centers for friends and family to enjoy.

Some popular kitchen designs included are barista stations and wine station dispensers. Who doesn’t want to have a delicious coffee beverage made in the convenience of your own home without waiting in line? With the latest designs and technologies you can have your own sophisticated wine and beverage dispensers making your kitchen a hot spot all year round.

Elaborate Multipurpose Kitchen Islands

 As mentioned before as kitchens are no longer just a place for food preparation neither are kitchen islands. Kitchen Islands have become key areas for entertainment. Everything revolves around them.  The kitchen island has been around for a while and has been evolving into the focal points of the kitchen. On the rise in the design industry are oversized kitchen islands that can be used for more than just having your occasional breakfast. They are becoming more and more multifunctional and making a statement with its design. They work well with an open floor plan and have even been designed to extend into the living room.

 Charging Stations

 Now-a-days we have a device for almost everything.  We are especially connected to our phones and computers. There are so many devices such as laptops, iPhone, and tablets. Along with these devices come many different adapters and wires. The outlets where we are charging our devices start to look unorganized and messy. Now people are starting to add charging station drawers in their kitchen. The future is only going to have more devices but that doesn’t mean your countertops have to be chaotic. By designing a fashionable and functional designated area you will be able to access your devices more easily with less stres