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5 Exterior Remodeling Trends Dominating 2016

Apr 1, 2016

exterior remodeling trends 2016

Exterior Remodeling can come in many forms.

And many home owners don't know just how crucial exterior design is to the equity of a home. Consider the stats:

In the last 5 years, exterior remodeling has been crucial to prospective home sellers in a way that it had previously not been. These days it takes more than a flashy car in the driveway to keep up with the Jones' - the market demands curb appeal, style, functionality and all at an affordable, low maintenance cost.


Thinking about an exterior remodeling project this summer?

Take a look at this list of the top 5 exterior design trends of 2016 - hopefully it can help you to decide what project to tackle first!


1.) Transom Windows:

One exterior remodeling trend that is growing rapidly in popularity is transom windows

What are transom windows?

Transom windows are  a window set above the transom of a door or larger window; a fanlight. 

and they are becoming increasingly popular as Americans lean towards homes with ample natural lighting instead of homes that may depend almost exclusively on electricity for a source of lighting. Transom windows fit seamlessly into any style of home, and studys show that homes which have these windows incorporated into their exterior design are selling, and selling at high prices. 

If youre considering an exterior remodeling project, these windows may be a great place to start. They add natural lighting, provide an open-air feeling, and unlike fullsized windows, are far safer to leave open in order to allow in a house-cooling breeze. 


transom windoes exterior remodeling ideas


2.) Natural, Low Maintenance Exteriors (Especially Natural Stone or Brick)

Although many homeowners are still flocking towards contemporary exteriors, a trend in stark contrast to the contemporary style is coming back in force. Potential home buyers are looking for homes that are completed with recycled and repurposed materials, Or materials that have little impact on the environment and are sustainable. Home buyers also want low maintenance, and in 2016 , Exterior Remodelers have found the perfect solution : Natural Stone or Brick siding. 

natural stone exteriors

With its sustainability, extremely low maintenance requirements, and complex textures- natural stone sided homes keep rising in popularity among home buyers and home sellers alike. The best part? This type of siding can truly stand the test of time with little to no impact on the environment.


3.) This Color Pallatte: 

exterior remodeling color trends 2016

Every year Behr Paints gathers sale data and makes predicions about what the next coming season in paint will look like. Generally speaking, their reseach tends to be aproverbial "finger on the pulse" of exterior design trends, and their word is basically gospel to savvy exterior and interior designers alike. . The above color pallate is the list of exterior colors that top their charts in popularity for home exterior color  in 2016.

Grey is the name of the game in 2016. We see it crop up here for exterior colors, and rising in popularity for kitchens and flooring as well. Unlike previous years, 2016's color pallate seems to be much more uniform in its nutrality and cool tones.

(to see more, please visit Behr at their website:http://www.behr.com/consumer)



4. Double Doors

double doors exterior remodeling

Up until recently, exterior remodelers swore by a single door painted a sleek color to compliment the exterior paint of the house. 2016 shows that these days- everyone wants to make a grand enterance.

Home owners, and home buyers alike are consistently choosing homes with grand entrances over homes with cleverly painted single doors. The design we see most often is a set of decadent double doors which are made of wood and left unpainted in order to allow the warm tones of the wood to shine through. In combination with the above mentioned "transom windows", a set of double doors like these can make every time you enter a home seem like walking a red carpet.


5.) Sustainable, Low Maintenance Landscaping

exterior remodeling landscaping

large areas with gravel fillers, drought resistant succulents, and as little grass as possible, in geometric configurations.Home buyers today are extremely busy, and unlike times before, they are demanding homes that require as little maintenance and resources as possible. An additional benefit to landscaping designs like these is that they tend to add a more contemporary look to home exteriors, and in 2016, contemporary homes are fetching the highest sale value in terms of exterior design styles. 


In Closing

Exterior designs, and exterior remodelers are making a real stand in 2016 - and the trends seem to be becomming a deciding factor in the value of a home. Your home's exterior is the world's first impression of you, and your family. What does your home say about you?

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Published: 4/1/2016