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5 Spring Inspired DIY Decor Ideas to Brighten Your Home

Mar 18, 2016

spring inspired decor

Spring is just days away!

With the California weather starting to shift into spring, it is time to put away those warm, winter decorations and start planning on spring! This year's design trends are already in full swing- large floral patterns, pastels, and bold patterns dominate the interior design landscape. For all of those DIY experts, and even those of you just now exploring the glorious hobby that is DIY- these 5 spring inspired decor ideas will kick start your spring home interior design.

1.) Submerged Flower Arrangement


This spring inspired DIY decor idea couldn't be more simple! Although arrangements such as these are usually seen at weddings, there is no reason not to have a few around your house! This unconventional alternative to flower arrangements can be a permanent fixture if you use fake flowers!

What you'll need:


  1. Make sure the glass container you will use as the vase is clear of any fingerprints or smudges
  2. Cover the bottom of the container with your vase filler. Make sure to fill the vase a few layers thick
  3. Using the vase filler to anchor your flower, center it in the container. Its okay if it flops over!
  4. Pour disilled water SLOWLY into the container, making sure not to disturb the vase filler holding your flower in place. Distilled water should prevent bubbles from forming!
  5. If you need to/want to adjust the pedals, use some tweezers so as not to disturb the water too much!

2.) Tuffed Headboard

This project ranks a little higher on the difficulty scale than our flower arrangements, but is still easy enough! This DIY headboard is less than half the cost of its retail counterpart- and looks just as amazing.

What you'll need:


  1. Using a permanent marker, look at your peg board, and on one side circle the holes which will be where your buttons will go.
  2. lay the memory foam over the peg board on the side of the pegboard you did not mark
  3. cut holes in the memory foam over the holes you marked for the buttons. Use a handheld hole punch, or a screwdriver 
  4. Attach the foam to the headboard using a spray adhesive. Allow to dry
  5. Lay your fabric over the memory foam, on top of the pegboard so that the pegboard is centered
  6. Thread the thick twine through the back of a button, and then thread the needle through the top layer of fabric and through the headboard
  7. pill the button tight and attach to the pegboard using hot glue
  8. Repeat process until all marked holes are threaded
  9. pull the excess fabright tight around the edges of the headboard and secure with staple gun

3.) Personalized Floral Wreeth

This spring inspired diy decor is great to do with kids as well! Think outside of the box! You can also attach other trinkets like buttons or pearls of the same color scheme of your flowers for some added dimension and texture

What you'll need:


  1. Cut down the synthetic flowers until they are only the bud of the flower
  2. Using a hot glue gun, attach the flowers
  3. Make sure to put a picture hanger on the back!


4.) No-Sew Felt Flower Pillows


This spring inspired project seems very daunting - but don't worry! You can achieve this look without knowing how to sew a stich! Click this link for photo instructions on how to make this leas pu


What You'll Need:


  1. Using a Stencil, cut out 3 sizes of pedals from the felt (small medium, large)
  2. Attach them to your pillow starting on the outside and working your way in, fold the pedals and glue them down. Also make sure to attach the petals from small to largest
  3. Layer the flowers, working in circles and ending in the center

5.) Simple Decor Ball

What you'll need:


  1. Put a small dab of glue on the stem of the silk flower
  2. Push the stem into the styrofoam until the bud is flush with the styrofoam
  3. Repeat until sphere is covered with no styrofoam showing
  4. Optional : Use the ribbon on the vase for accent


Don't miss out!

Spring is almost here! These simple, DIY decor ideas can brighten any home!