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6 Insanely Clever (and doable) storage ideas for your...

Aug 12, 2015

too much stuff

Storage: there’s never enough of it. Balancing the demands of modern life, family, work, hobbies, leisure... clutter becomes inevitable. There is good news! Hidden storage is growing in popularity – and we have to admit; there’s a little part of us that cant help but show off a cleverly hidden storage space that looks like something from a James Bond film.

Here are some innovative, unexpected, and truly fun ideas to maximize storage space in your home. See something you just can’t live without? Give us a call and get a free in-home consultation. You dream it, we can build it.

1.: The Platform Bed:

This platform bed takes under-bed storage to a new level. Lift the mattress and frame to reveal space for multiple items underneath. Cutouts in the base of the bed provide further space for books and other essentials that you may need quicker access to. It opens up a ton of space for hidden storage and can help keep any bedroom clutter- free. 

Awesome Bed

2.) Space saving steps:

That’s’s right- they exist! And they can save you so much space in your home that would otherwise be filled with clutter. Great for storing books, shoes, craft supplies, kids toys… anything youd like. Easy access, and this will definitely “wow” your neighbors. 


3.) Unused closet? You mean Reading nook!

Turn an unused closet into a hide away office space. Store your computer, papers, and have a space to work during the day, and close the door for simple clean up at night! You can make a space for kids to do arts and crafts or work on homework, store books and magazines, have a small art studio or whatever else you can imagine! 


4.) Pull out cabinets

No need to bend over digging around for pots- install rolling cabinets with lights! Organization never looked so good. 

5.) Dog house? Dog house.

We love dogs, and we recognize that not all of our pooches enjoy being outside in the hot California sun. Heres an insanely clever way to utlize the space under your stairs. Make a house  for your doggie while avoiding unsightly kennels!

indoor doggy house

6.) A platform

A simple idea with incredible results and functionality. Plus- it looks really cool. Store excess bedding, holiday decorations, photos, books, and those sweaters we Califonians only get to wear one week a year! 

Really, the possibilities for storage in your home are absolutely endless! We're here to take on any challenge and love to work on creative home design. Dont forget- your in home consult is free! Call us today!