Mar 14, 2022

Dream kitchens don’t have to big be large kitchens with excessive space, commercial size appliances, or large pantries. Small kitchens can be designed to be visually stunning and use up the maxim amount of space without looking compact or cluttered. Here are 5 ways to design a small kitchen to look and feel bigger than it is: 

Pearl Remodeling - 5 Ways to Make a Small Kitchen Bigger
Breaking Down Walls / Merging Rooms

If your kitchen and dining room are separated by a wall, the first thing you can easily do is remove the wall. Removing one wall even a low-bearing wall frees up so much cubic space, adding more space to your kitchen. If your kitchen has an island and it’s small, that is an automatic removal! Kitchen islands require plenty of traffic space to get around it, precious space that you can salvage. The ultimate goal for a small kitchen remodel is to optimize the amount of space you can use. Remove obstructive parts of your kitchen, you can use that new space effectively. 


Pearl Remodeling - 5 Ways to Make a Small Kitchen Bigger

Open Shelves 

Eliminating one side of your upper cupboards may not seem like a practical solution but it is doable with the replacement of open shelves. One of the most popular styles of open shelves to use to stack your beautiful set of cups and plates for easy access. Without the bulkiness of at least one set of upper cabinets, more natural light can travel through the freed volume space. Open shelves decrease the visual weight and create a deception of freed space. 


Pearl Remodeling - 5 Ways to Make a Small Kitchen Bigger

Painting Cabinets the Same Color as the Wall. 

Keep the same color and tone of your cabinets and your wall the same, this way to the eye it is harder to distinguish the two. Traditionally it is said that pale tones will mirror light and cause the space to feel greater. Darker profound colors such as dark or charcoal grey tones also can simulate the same visual trick that makes it seems like things are farther than they are. 



Pearl Remodeling - 5 Ways to Make a Small Kitchen Bigger

Opting For Flat-Panel Cabinets

 For another optical illusion trick, poting for flat-panel cabinets is a great idea. Without the clutter of lines or hardware, cabinets seem sleeker than they are. Additionally, you can always go with cabinets with a sleeker depth and expand your cabinets by width to create the illusion of a bigger kitchen space.