Mar 10, 2022

As a local general contractor based in Los Angeles, it is our responsibility to keep up with updates to any laws that relate to our business. Perhaps, the most important law coming into fruition at the moment is the SB9 law. Here is a breakdown of the law and its current status as it makes its way to becoming in full effect.  If you don’t know SB9 is basically a new law that will allow up to four units to be built on certain single-family zoned lots (SB9, 2022). The SB9 bill was signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom on September 16, 2021 (Daily News, 2022).


What’s The Purpose of SB9? 

Ultimately, the supporters of the bill argue that the bill would help to alleviate the housing crisis in Los Angeles. However, the counter-argument is that this will influence denser populations and increase gentrification in the long run. 


What’s the status of the Bill? 

As of now, there is a motion introduced by Councilmen Paul Koretz and Bob Blumfield to instruct city planners and the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety to develop guidelines to adopt and implement the new law officially. (Daily News, 2022) 


What does that mean for my current plans to build an ADU? 

At the moment, nothing will hinder your plans to build a single ADU unit for your property. If you have plans to build more than one unit on your property you would simply need to take that into account at the moment. You can not build more than one unit but in the near future, it will happen soon. Unfortunately, since official guidelines have not been released there are no specific codes and regulations to follow. 


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