Do It yourself Video: Proper Installation of Stucco

What happens to most houses after 15 years of a family living in them? They tend to get a little worn down and shabby in certain areas. Maybe you have a tree over a spot of your house that drops sap onto the wall of your home. Maybe the sprinklers are setup right next to the wall and the decades of sprinkler action has caused a dull area on your wall. The solution for all of these problems is updating your wall. By removing the existing stucco wall and re-applying the concrete mixture / stucco, you can make your home look brand new.

The process for stuccoing a wall is fairly simple.

  1. Cover exposed wall with underlayment paper
  2. place wire mesh over underlayment paper
  3. Install metal flushing (weep screen)
  4. Spread on scratch coat (1st layer)
  5. Cover area with brown coat (2nd layer)
  6. Apply finish coat and color (3rd layer)

By following this process and waiting the appropriate time in between steps this can be just the thing your property needs to be the most envied property on the block.