Ling F., Los Angeles, CA

Nov 26, 2014

My wife and I recently purchased a new home that was in serious need of cosmetic updates. We interviewed eight or nine contractors before selecting Pearl Remodeling.

We wanted to complete all major renovations before moving in and we wanted to move in as soon as possible. Pearl Remodeling suggested several excellent options for installing quality updates to our home with a very aggressive timeline. They promised a professionally designed new kitchen, master bathroom, walk-in closet, and new flooring throughout our home would be completed in 10 weeks. We moved in 8 weeks later.

An excellent contractor is more than short timelines and high quality work. With a project of this size, something is bound to go wrong. How quickly and politely the contractor responds to problems is a major part of the renovation experience. In our case, Pearl Remodeling regularly addressed issues quickly and efficiently. For example, when we noticed some anomalies in the floor plan for the master bathroom that led to incorrect framing and plumbing, the guys at Pearl provided an updated floor plan and corrected all the framing and plumbing mistakes within two work days. Even now, weeks after we moved in, if we notice any small defects or issues in our home, Pearl Remodeling sends someone out to address the problem within a couple of days.

It's reassuring to know they take pride in their work and stand behind it even after the job is "complete." Pearl Remodeling made our renovation experience pleasant and quick. I definitely recommend them for your next renovation project.