SoCal Design Trends : What to Expect in 2017

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2016 has been a great year for home designers. With 2016 over the hump of half way, we look to 2017 and speculate on the home design trends we expect to see become staples of 2017. Southern California has its own style of design which makes our little slice of heaven all the more special than it already is. This article will cover both interior and exterior design trends because what’s on the outside matters just as much! We will focus on the designs that are popular throughout SoCal as we try to predict what the home design trends of 2017 will be.

Exterior Trends we expect to see carry over into 2017:


Green building is not really a trend, it has become a very welcomed way of life in Southern California. As this environmentally conscious way of thinking becomes the norm, we expect to see green principles continue to be a staple of home design in 2017.  How does that translate into exterior home design?


1. Gravel Landscaping

design trends 2017

California has seen a huge push in saving water via removing grass from lawns. Although some people hold fast to the traditions of old, it is clear that more and more soCal residents are turning to gravel pathways, driveways, and fillers as a way to reduce their impact on the environment. Additionally, mid-century modern homes continue to do well in sales despite the slight dip in home sales SoCal is experiencing.

Gravel landscaping meets one of the most important needs in the market as established by buyers: low maintenance homes. In a recent NAHB Survey researchers found that the main driving forces for new home buyers are directly related to sustainability/ energy efficiency, and low maintenance homes. Gravel Landscaping meets both of those needs, and also fits perfectly into the growing demand for mid-century modern homes. The above reasons, in conjunction with the many tax incentives from California Law Makers clearly demonstrate why we expect to see gravel landscaping and similar environmentally friendly designs continue to dominate in 2017.


2. Room Additions

home deisng trends 2017 room addition

The number of homes which included home additions had risen by 12% since 2013 according to another NAHB study. Based on what we see in terms of projects we complete, it is clear that the demand for room additions is steadily rising among SoCal residents.

Many home owners see a room addition as a way to avoid the cost and hassle of purchasing a new home, and as such many families who feel that they cannot afford a new, larger house are choosing to invest in a room addition instead.


3. Covered Patios / Outdoor Kitchens:

home design trends 2017 patioi

SoCal is known for its fantastic weather. More and more residents are turning to patio areas and outdoor kitchens to spend time, and that trend is reflected in the rise in the demand for patio building services across the region.

SoCal residents are beginning to see a bare back yard as a missed opportunity to effectively use space. There has been a steady rise in the amount of home owners adding a back yard patio or outdoor kitchen to their homes, and it looks like that trend will continue well into 2017 as increasing cost of buying a new home pushes home owners to remodel what they have.


Interior Design Trends we expect to see carry over into 2017:

SoCal Homeowners are also looking inward as the number of DIYers grows and home improvement becomes a dominant place to spend money for residents.  Kitchens and bathrooms are the most remodeled parts of single family homes today. 2016 has seen the rise of some interesting interior design styles, and it seems as though these trends will continue and grow into 2017.

 Across the board, designs which heavily feature green, energy efficient appliances, and sustainable building see the highest ROI, and popularity among home owners. So regardless of HOW you design your interior, keep it green.


1. LEDs in the Kitchen

home design trends 2017 leds


According to an article on covering the hottest trends in 2016, LEDs are the wave of the future. Home owners, especially those looking to lease out their properties should pay close attention, as the push to be ever more energy efficient shifts from "want" to "necessity".

The trend is to use these LED lights as accent lighting under cabinets and around shelving. It almost makes it look like everything in the kitchen is actually floating. The best part about this? You can accomplish this look for $60. You can go to Fry's electronics and pick up some LED tape and have at it. You end up creating a look that screams "luxury", at a price that screams "I can afford that, totally".


2. Colored Stainless Steel Appliances

 design trends 2017 stainless

According to a recent article on ,a survey they conducted showed that a whopping 2/3 of people asked said they would try colored stainless steel over the shiny alternative. Hopefully not a path to reverting to the bright colored appliance trend of the 50's , today's home owners just seem to be bored with stainless steel as it is commonly considered. The above is black stainless steel, but we have seen other colors such as red and  bronze begin to crop up in kitchen showcases and showrooms across SoCal. It hasn't quite caught on completely just yet, but we predict that colored stainless steel will be a huge aspect of home design trends in 2017.


3. BOLD Powder Rooms

design trends 2017 powder

When we say bold, we mean BOLD. In addition to a very sharp rise in bathrooms that are designed to feel like living spaces, having a powder room with a dark, bold pattern that (figuratively) punches you in the face when you walk in is steadily heading for “all the rage” status. We have been keeping an eye on this emerging trend, and a simple google search will show you just how much this trend is beginning to dominate the home design landscape. 


4. Home Automation

home design 2017 automation

"Smart Home" is a very "hot" term on the market these days, according to Clair Jones of says, “Most smart locks are available for under $250. For such a small purchase cost, home owners can expect a full return on their investment when they sell their home, and may even see an opportunity to present their property as a ‘smart home’, which is a hot market term right now”.
Like most technology products, the price ranges vary from cost-effective to break the bank, so weigh your options. 

It seems like these days people expect to be able to turn on their coffee and pre-heat their ovens on the way home. With today's technology there is almost nothing you CAN"T control remotely. We don't see any reason for a decline in that home design trend, in fact, quite the opposite. So head over to best buy and pick up your insanely clever "future home of tomorrow" kit.


 5. Specialty Kitchen Storage: Deep drawers, Open Cabinets


 interior design trends 2017 kitchen

The course of kitchen design in 2016 has become a difficult stream to navigate. Many home owners are going VERY ecclectic and mixing various styles in order to increase functionality and ease of use in the kitchen. More and more we see open face kitchen cabinets become part of kitchens. People are all seeking out ease of use, and having an open face cabinet system like this makes all of your kitchen goods easy to access. 

Additionally, there has been a surge in the need for storage in the kitchen, and it has resulted in a high demand for very deep kitchen drawers. Perhaps it is the increasing need for space, or maybe it is because kitchens seem to be getting smaller and smaller, either way drawrs like these are really emerging a front runners in kitchen design trends of 2017

design trends 2017 kitchen drawers


Home Design Trends of 2017 are Shaping Up to be Very Different from 2016

It feels as though home owners and buyers are really making some shifts in complete opposite directions of the home design trends that have been so important in 2016. As this year draws to close over the next few months, we look forward to seeing if our speculation on design trends of 2017 will be accurate. We're pretty confident. Only time will tell!

Whatever home design style you choose for your home should be perfectly suited for your individual needs. Happy Building!