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3 Bathroom Trends in Los Angeles

Oct 18, 2021

Just like fashion bathroom trends are constantly changing due to personal style and preference. In Los Angeles, homeowners are choosing to get with the current trend of having a modern-styled home. There are many reasons why homeowners are choosing to make a change in their bathrooms. More than 20% of bathroom remodels are modern-styled while 9 of 10 homeowners make a change in style (Houzz, 2021). Here are amongst the most 3 popular trends for bathroom remodels nationwide according to Houzz. 


1. Therapeutic & Spa Feel 

Two of 5 homeowners renovate their bathroom for the purpose of making their bathroom more spa-like (Houzz, 2021). For example, dimmable lighting, white walls, a boost of natural light, and minimalist features. Free-standing tub installations are amongst one of the most popular installations. 

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2. Bathroom Tech Upgrades 

Homeowners that want to make a major upgrade invest in adding cool technological features. One-piece electronic toilets are popular choices along with built-in LED mirrors. Smart showerheads, light switches, and sink faucets. Homeowners are willing to install smart devices for the sake of ease and rather than luxurious looks. However, it is pretty cool that smart devices are installed in your bathroom. For example, 38% installed dimmable lighting switches from the projects complete last year (Houzz, 2021). 


3. Shower Upgrade 

Aside from upgrading the tiles showers, many homeowners seek to install a rainfall shower head system or a dual shower head system. Most homeowners opt to increase shower space by modifying walls. Glassing encasing are becoming popular as well for their ease of maintenance, cool water effects, and liberating space-feeling. Although marble tiles are second behind ceramic or porcelain tiles, marble has made an increase in popularity for showers. \